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Please check individual venues for more info and to confirm dates. 


Club events in BOLD


Underlined text are links  






Jan 16-17 SEC Beginning Clinic I 

Jan 22-24 SEC CDE Tuning Clinic with Maddie

Jan 24 SEC Come Again Cones 

Feb 6-7 SEC Ground Manner & Liberty Trick Clinic

Feb 13-14 SEC Beginning Clinic II 

Feb 21 CSHP NCDC Annual Meeting 

Feb 27 SEC Double D

Mar 5-7 SEC CDE Tuning Clinic with Maddie

Mar 7 SEC Come Again Cones 

Mar 13-14 SEC Beginning Clinic III 

Mar 27 SEC Double D

Mar 27 OTCD  "Play Day"

Mar 28 SEC CDE Volunteer Clinic 

Apr 9-11 SEC USEF DAP 

Apr 10-11 OTCD Schooling Dressage Show

Apr 17-18 SEC Red Top Draft Horse Days


Apr 24-25 CSHP HDT

May 1 SEC Kentucky Derby West

May 1 OTCD "Play Day"

May 7-9 SEC Sargent Equestrian Spring CDE

May 29-30 CSHP Dressage Extraordinaire Revisited 

Jun 4-6 SEC CDE Tuning Clinic with Maddie

Jun 5 OTCD "Play Day"

Jun 6 SEC Come Again Cones

Jun 19-20 CSHP Summer Festival CDE

July 2-4 SEC CDE Tuning Clinic with Maddie

July 10 OTCD "Play Day"

July 31- Aug 1 SEC Sargent Equestrian HDT

Aug 7 OTCD "Play Day"

Aug 21-22 CSHP Double Driver HDT

Sep 4 OTCD 'Play Day"

Sep 10 SEC Fall CDE (Dressage)

Sep 11 SEC Fall (Marathon)

Sep 12 SEC Fall (Cones)


Oct 2 CSHP Fall Festival CDE (Dressage & Cones)

Oct 3 CSHP Fall Festival CDE (Marathon)

Oct 9 OTCD 'Play Day"

Oct 30-31 CSHP HDT (Trg, Pre, Int: Sgl, Prs, Tdm, Frs; VSE, Pony, Horse, Draft) 

Nov 6 OTCD 'Play Day"

Nov 19 SEC Freestyle Dressage Clinic

Nov 20 SEC Freestyle Double D (AM - Freestyle Dressage; PM - Driving Derby)

Facilities code: 

OTCD One -Two Carriage Driving  Oakdale CA



CSHP  Clay Station Horse Park,  Wilton CA



SEC   Sargents Equistrian Center,  Lodi CA






Event code:


CDE  Combined Driving Event

HDT Horse Driving Trial

ADT Arena Driving Trial 

DD  Driving Derby and Dressage

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