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About NCDC


The Northern California Driving Club, better known as NCDC is a group of like minded individuals who enjoy spending time together and driving equines.  We represent all breeds and have come from assorted equine backgrounds, the common denominator being our love of equines in harness.  Juniors to senior citizens, minis to drafts, pleasure drivers to international competitors, NCDC has something for everyone!


NCDC provides us a place to gather together, exchange information and pool our resources. As a club we support clinics, competitions and events for pleasure, recreation and sport.  We have at our members' disposal trailers full of equipment for hosting events. A members only  Email Chat Room keeps us connected with more in-depth up-to-date information. 


At the members' discretion we sponsor events and clinics.  We are affiliated with the American Driving Society  and are the largest driving group in the West.  



Our Officers:


President: Kasey Ashley

Vice President: Pat Scholderer

Secretary: Liz Hendrick

Treasurer: Gina Miner

Board Members:

Corie Brooks

Harriet Merritt




Activities Committee

Education Committee

Equipment Committee




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